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The Colorado State Patrol Takes Over Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycle season here in Colorado is finally underway, mountain passes have cleared of snow, and temperatures are now high enough to make riding comfortable. However, considering how vulnerable riders are out on the open road, motorcycle safety has to be a top priority. Now that responsibility will fall to the Colorado State Patrol, but are they up to the task? It’s Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and here’s what you need to know about changes in motorcycle safety here in Colorado! Colorado MOST Program Under Colorado State Patrol Control Last year not only saw a drop in the number of motorcycle fatalities, but it also saw several big changes when it comes to motorcycle safety. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation took a new role in regards to the state’s Motorcycle Operator Safety Training, and it was decided that CSP would take control of that program as well. In January, CSP took control…
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Spring Maintenance: Have You Checked Your Motorcycle Chain Lately?

When was the last time you checked the chain on your motorcycle? If it has been sitting in the garage all winter, it’s probably been a while. However, the last thing you want is to pull out of your garage on one of the first rides of the season, and then get stranded because your chain snapped or chewed up your sprocket teeth. Here are a few things you should do to maintain your motorcycle chain. Spring Maintenance: Motorcycle Chains Keep It Lubed – Though most modern motorcycle chains are technological marvels requiring very little attention, that doesn’t mean they aren’t susceptible to water, corrosion and rust. Keeping your chain regularly lubed protects it from all of these problems. When you come in from a ride, while the chain is still warm, apply your favorite lubricant. That will help ensure every little nook and cranny gets well oiled. Choose Your…
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Would You Tour Colorado from a Side Car?

There’s a new touring company in Denver, and it claims to be the first tour company of its kind in the entire country. City on the Side is offering people a chance to tour Denver and parts of Colorado from the vantage of a sidecar. But will its services interest motorcycle tourists, or is it just too touristy for a rider’s tastes? Will Touring Colorado from a Side Car Catch On? The freedom of the open road is often the call that beckons people to become riders of motorcycles, but will that call bring tourists to Denver? City on the Side sure hopes so. This company offers to take passengers on a tour of Denver and points beyond from the side car of a Ural. This type of tour hasn’t been tried before here in North America, but what better a place to start than Colorado? The company will take…
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