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Motorcyclists Are Better Drivers Than You

Riders have known it for a long time, but now there’s proof that motorcyclists are better drivers than you are.

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Tom Metier

By Tom Metier

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Motorcyclists are better drivers than you. Don’t believe me? Maybe you’ll believe a new study from the British Isles.
Motorcyclists Are Better Drivers Than You!
Equity Red Star, one of Britain’s top insurers, recently sorted through a mountain of insurance policies—200 million of them—and found out some interesting details about people who ride motorcycles. People who had insurance on both a car and a motorcycle were 23 percent less likely to make a claim on their car. They even adjusted for age and found out that there was still a 21 percent difference in claims filed, and motorcyclists were 20 percent less likely to file bodily injury claims on their car policy.
What Does This Report Mean?
The insurance firm’s study didn’t study why there was such a big difference between claims filed by motorcycle riders versus car drivers, but many believe it is connected to the many skills riders have to develop in order to keep both tires on the pavement.
Motorcyclists have better coordination than car drivers so they can balance their bike, control two braking systems, modulate a clutch, shift gears, keep the throttle steady, watch out for road debris… You get the idea. All the different things a rider has to do improves their focus, decreases their reaction times, and provides riders with experience that allows them to see dangerous situations that car drivers might miss.
Do you think motorcyclists make better car drivers? Do you have stories about when your motorcycling skills saved you while you were driving your car?
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