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Severe injuries from industrial jobs can leave you needing at-home care, extensive rehabilitation, or increased dependence on family. To afford this care and improve your quality of life, you’ll need industrial accident lawyers on your side.

At Metier Law Firm, we have more than 40 years experience representing miners, gas drillers, tool pushers, refinery workers, roughnecks, oil field truck drivers, and other industrial workers who are in need of legal representation. Don’t let your injury influence your life without getting the compensation you deserve for your industrial accident.

Our lawyers will review industry standards and company policies to determine if there was a violation and ascertain liability. We are well-versed in OSHA requirements and laws like the federal Mine Safety and Health Act. We are the best accident lawyers for your case because of our dedication and diligence to research.

Case Results


Orthopedic injury

Over $1.7 million settlement for an orthopedic injury



$4 Million Settlement for an amputation injury


Workplace Injury

Over $3 million dollar settlement for workplace injury


Workplace Injury

$600,000 settlement for a workplace injury

Frequently Asked Questions

Metier partners Tom Metier and Grant Lawson have spent their careers fighting for oil and gas workers hurt and killed on the job.  They know and understand the culture of the oilfield and have been fighting to make the oilfield a safer place for decades.  

Tom and Grant know the different areas of drillings, completions and production operations and all the logistics involved with these areas.  And the Metier Firm knows and appreciates the hard work our oil and gas workers do and what their jobs and those paychecks mean to the workers and their families.  That is why we fight hard to get injured workers and their families the justice they deserve.
The majority of major accidents in the oilfield do not get the professional and thorough investigation they deserve.  The reason it is crucial to get an experienced and trained oilfield attorney as soon as possible, is to ensure that evidence is not lost or destroyed and to make sure that a full investigation with the right professionals takes place. 
If you have suffered injuries you may not be in the right state of mind to be answering questions. Pain, medications, stress, fatigue all may affect how you can recall events or how you feel about the accident.  Seek advice from a professional before giving statements or interviews. Especially with insurance companies whose only desire is to try to pay you less than you deserve and get statements that can later be used against you.
Every person and every situation is different.  You may face injuries and disabilities that prevent you from going back to the type of hard work you loved to do and made a good living from doing.  Taking care of yourself and getting the best medical care should be your top priority.  If your limited in your ability to return to the oilfield for work, you should be compensated fully for this loss of income and the loss of identity and joy you had with your work.
No. Workers compensation coverage only aims to provide coverage for some medical expenses and a portion of lost wages.  Workers comp will not provide full payments and coverage for all future lost wages and potentially not all future medical needs. In addition, future care needs for serious injuries such as home care needs are not covered. Most importantly, workers compensation does not compensate for pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, disability, mental anguish including post-traumatic stress and other “invisible” psychological injuries and traumatic brain injuries. 

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