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Injury attorney Tom Metier founded Metier Law Firm, LLC to guide injured men, women and children along the road to recovery with Comfort, Safety and Strength®. Please watch this video to learn about Tom and his legal team. Our experience shows – we want you to have the best in legal representation. Place your burdens and your case in our hands.

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Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits

Tom Metier appeared on Go Colorado with Shellene Cockrel in August 2011 to talk about motorcycle accident lawsuits and the LawTigers motorcycle accident organization and explain the Biker Benefit Card. Watch the video to hear Tom’s story about his own motorcycle accident when he was 22 and how that experience influenced his decision to become an injury attorney, as well as to learn about the Biker Benefit Card.
Metier Law Firm uses SafeRider ® investigation and legal services for all motorcycle accident cases.  Watch more of our Motorcycle Accident FAQ videos in our Motorcycle Video Playlist

Colorado’s Best with Paula Haddock, on the CW.

Tom Metier was pleased to appear on Colorado’s Best with Paula Haddock on Colorado’s Own Channel 2, the CW. Although a traumatic brain injury victim may appear normal, his or her injuries still have significant effects on daily life. Watch the video below to hear Tom discuss how traumatic brain injuries are often hidden injuries, not immediately apparent to observers but with a heavy impact on the victim.



Tom Metier and the attorneys at the Metier Law Firm have provided numerous classes, lectures, and seminars on injury, personal injury, and safety issues.  You can find some examples of these online on our Facebook page.  If you would like to request a class, lecture or seminar at your location or online, please contact us.

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