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Preventing Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe Burn

One injury that many riders are familiar with is exhaust pipe burn. Learn more about it from the Metier Law Firm professionals.

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As we mentioned last week, May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. While we mainly discussed motorcycle accidents, there are other ways you can get injured on a motorcycle. One injury that many riders are familiar with is exhaust pipe burn. Some riders even see it as a rite of passage. It might be a bonding experience, but it can also cause serious injuries.
Exhaust burn happens when the rider accidentally makes physical contact with the exhaust pipe. The exhaust pipe is one of the hottest parts of the bike, and contact can result in a severe burn. A study in Greece found that most of the injuries took place when getting on or off the motorcycle, and the most common spot for a burn was on the right leg below the knee. An estimated 65 percent suffered second-degree burns.
Here are a few ways you can prevent motorcycle exhaust pipe burn:
  • Wear long pants to reduce the risk of burns by 46 percent
  • Use caution when getting on or off the motorcycle
  • Avoid contact with the exhaust when picking up a fallen bike
  • Use extra caution when a child is riding as a passenger. Children account for most motorcycle exhaust burns, and 33 percent of burned children required surgery, according to an Australian hospital.
Motorcycle exhaust burn treatments vary depending on the severity of the burn. Most motorcycle exhaust burns are second or third degree burns. One study found that burns tended to subside after twenty days. If you can feel pain or tingling, that is a good sign; if the leg is numb, you should seek medical attention immediately.
Most motorcycle burns happened during the summer, so keep that hot exhaust pipe in mind when you are out for a ride.
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