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How to Prove If Another Driver Was Speeding in an Accident

How can you prove another driver was speeding in an accident? Learn how to prove speeding negligence and how to take action.

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By Tom Metier

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According to car accident statistics at the Department of Transportation, for every minute saved by speeding, 2.5 minutes of human life are lost in speeding-related accidents. There are almost as many speeding related deaths as alcohol related deaths on the road.
In all auto accidents, the most important part in determining liability for damages is determining which driver was the most negligent. Whichever driver made the most error will have to pay more in damages. In the event of an accident, you may notice that the driver was on their cell phone or they were speeding.
The driver of the other vehicle may not acknowledge that they were doing this to save themselves from being considered liable for the damages. You may be asking “how do I prove if the driver was speeding or on their phone?” There are experts who can prove these things for your case.

Who Can Prove That the Other Driver Was Speeding?

  • You: Take pictures of the damage as soon as possible. Having evidence right from the scene can help attorneys and insurers figure out what happened. A certain amount of damage could prove that the other driver was speeding.
  • Police: Calling the police to make an accident report can improve the validity of your case, especially if it is taken to court.
  • Witnesses: Any witnesses that saw the accident can help your case by telling police or attorneys what they saw. There is strength in numbers in a serious accident case.
  • Speed reconstruction experts: Car accident attorneys have access to accident reconstruction experts who can prove that negligent speeding was involved in your accident through damage research and calculations.
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