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Can Children Be Motorcycle Passengers in Colorado?

You've been looking forward to this day for a long time, and now it's here. Your oldest child wants to ride on the back of your motorcycle! But is it legal to ride with a child as a motorcycle passenger in Colorado?

Can children be motorcycle passengers in Colorado?

By Jason Hernandez

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If you’re like many motorcycle riders, your love of riding is something you want to share with those closest to you - especially our children.  

Like all parents, safety will be a priority. On a motorcycle, this means a proper helmet, eye protection and other protective riding gear. As motorcycle accident attorneys, we recommend wearing protective gear while riding.
Even if you have all of the protective gear for them, make sure your child can legally be a motorcycle passenger before letting them hop on the back. Only a handful of states have minimum age limits for motorcycle passengers, but you don't want to find yourself breaking the law accidentally. 

Texas and Washington require your child be at least 5 years old to ride on your motorcycle. California requires the child to be tall enough to rest their feet on the foot pegs or footrests easily while seated on a permanent passenger seat.  

Where does Colorado stand on children being passengers on motorcycles?

Can children be passengers on motorcycles in Colorado?

The state of Colorado does not have any laws restricting the age of a motorcycle passenger. As a general rule of safety, a motorcycle passenger needs to be able to reach the footrests and know how to move while riding.   

Minors are required to wear a DOT approved helmet and all riders are required to wear eye protection. A full face helmet offers the most amount of protection and with the visor attached, it satisfies both requirements for children riding as a passenger.  

Can a Child Be a Motorcycle Passenger in Colorado?

Yes, a child can be a passenger on a motorcycle in the state of Colorado. For motorbike passengers, some states have age restrictions ranging from five to eight years old. Colorado does not have a minimum age requirement for passengers.

No matter how old or young, a person can ride a motorcycle as a passenger in Colorado. They need to be able to hold onto the driver and understand the obligations of being a motorcycle passenger. In Colorado, all riders under the age of 18 must wear a DOT approved helmet, and all riders must wear protective eyewear.

What are the age limits for motorcycle passengers in Colorado?

There is no set age requirement for children riding on motorcycles as passengers, but they must all be able to reach the footrests or foot pegs. They must understand how a motorcycle works to be a safe passenger just as any adult should. Any motorcycle rider under the age of 18 is required to wear a DOT approved helmet. All motorcycle riders, regardless of age, are required to wear protective eyewear.
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How Old Must a Passenger on a Motorcycle Be In Colorado?

Colorado state law determines what age a passenger on a motorcycle must be. There is no minimum age requirement in the state of Colorado to ride as a passenger on a motorcycle. 

In general, the child must be tall enough to reach the foot pegs or footrests, old enough to understand how to move as a motorcycle passenger, and must wear a DOT helmet and protective eyewear.  

If you plan on taking your child on a ride through multiple states, other states have minimum age restrictions. The minimum age to ride as a passenger on a motorcycle varies by state and can be as high as eight years old. Research the laws of the states you plan to ride through beforehand.  

Colorado Motorcycle Passenger Age Requirement

In Colorado, there is no minimum age for motorcycle passengers. They simply need to be able to lean with the driver and understand the obligations of riding a motorcycle. In Colorado, all riders under the age of 18 must wear a helmet.

How To Get Your Child Ready To Be A Passenger On A Motorcycle

  • An appropriate helmet must fit your youngster.
  • Verify that the child is donning safety eyewear and footwear - closed-toed shoes and a visor on a full-faced helmet are best.
  • Demonstrate to the child how to fasten and release the chinstrap. Stress the necessity of keeping it fastened while riding a motorcycle.
  • Demonstrate how to maintain good body position while the motorcycle is moving and caution against counterbalancing during turns.
  • Place the child's feet on the pegs and in the proper position on the seat. Emphasize the value of holding on throughout the ride while demonstrating to the child how to grasp onto you or handholds.
  • Remind the child not to make quick movements while the motorcycle is moving.
  • Remind the child to wait for your permission before attempting to exit the motorcycle.
  • Before starting your ride, perform a final motorbike safety inspection.
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