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How Are You Protecting Your Bike from Motorcycle Thieves?

There have been a series of incidents guiding authorities to believe that motorcycle thieves in Colorado are getting bolder.

Motorcycle Theft
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By Tom Metier

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Did you know that summer is usually when the majority of motorcycle thefts happen in Colorado? This is probably due to more motorcycles being out on the road as riders enjoy the great cruising weather. Now, law enforcement officials are warning bikers to be extra vigilant. A spike in auto and motorcycle thefts is rolling through our state. So, if you’re not taking extra measures to keep your ride safe, you may become an easy target for motorcycle thieves.
How Active Are Motorcycle Thieves Right Now?
When a Colorado Springs man checked his driveway on the morning of July 16th, he made a shocking discovery. His Kawasaki motorcycle was gone! After checking his security camera, he learned that the theft had just happened, and after searching down the street, he was able to find his bike after the thief abandoned it. Though his story had a happy ending, not all bike owners who fall victim to motorcycle theft recover their motorcycles.
Just a few days later, an 18-year-old stepped out of his house to ride his scooter to work and found it missing. Security footage revealed that a man wearing a bandana walked up and rolled the scooter away. What was even more disturbing was the fact that the young man had locked the bike, but the thief managed to break the lock before rolling the scooter away.
In 2017, the number of motorcycle thefts in Colorado dropped by 6 percent. Despite that drop, 937 motorcycles were stolen in our state last year. Authorities are beginning to worry that these numbers could be climbing in 2018, and they are recommending that motorcyclists take measures to protect their rides.
How Can I Protect My Motorcycle?
In addition to locking your bike, you should also consider locking the bike to a stationary object. Using disc locks, cable locks and U-bolts are also recommended. Remember that thieves are less likely to take a motorcycle if they can’t easily tell what the bike is, so covering your bike when it is outside is a good precaution. An audible alarm or a Lojack system can also help protect your bike and improve your chances of recovery if someone does try to take it.
For more tips about protecting your motorcycle from thieves, keep following the motorcycling attorneys at Metier Law Firm.

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