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What to do After You've Been in an Accident

There are a few important things you should do after you are involved in an accident that will help ensure you receive the appropriate compensation when the time comes. If you find yourself the victim of an injury due to the negligence of another, your next steps should be:


Seek Medical Attention

Even if you did not require an ambulance or emergency room visit, make sure to go to your doctor or a healthcare clinic for an examination as soon as possible after an accident, as many insurance companies view any such delay in a negative light. Your doctor will diagnose and treat any medical issues, as well as compile a medical report, which you will most likely need later on.

Report the Accident

Make sure to contact the relevant authorities and report your accident to them. If you were hurt in a car accident, call the police. If you are hurt on the job, report it to your supervisor, and make sure the proper documentation is filed. Keep a copy of any and all paperwork provided to you, as the better a record of the accident you have, the stronger your case will be.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

As soon as you are able, contact an experienced personal injury attorney. Your case may never go to court, but it is important to have someone on your side who knows just how to proceed with pursuing a claim. Our Lawyers of the West ™ accident investigation services and legal services can help you determine how much you are entitled to in compensation, build your case, file the correct paperwork on time, negotiate with any insurance companies, and if need be, file a lawsuit.

Gather Evidence and Preserve Documents

Keep all your receipts, bills, and official documents pertaining to your accident and share them with your lawyer. Even if you think a piece of paperwork is unimportant, keep it just in case! When trying to reach a fair settlement, things such as medical bills, repair costs, and lost wages must be taken into account, and clear accounting of the financial impact caused by your injuries allows less ambiguity when calculating the final amount.

Am I Eligible For Compensation Claims?

Depending on the specific details of your accident, you may be entitled to compensation for several types of incurred damages. Some of the things you may be able to seek compensation for include:

Medical Bills

Reduced Income

Physical Therapy

Repair or Replacement Costs

Psychological Therapy

Pain and Suffering

Chiropractic Bills

Emotional Distress

Lost Wages

Loss of Consortium With a Spouse

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We hope it never happens, but in the event that you or someone you love is hurt due to the negligence of another, you deserve the peace of mind that you won’t be left paying the bills. Insurance companies often try to settle quickly and cheaply, before a victim can contact a reputable personal injury lawyer. They know that compensating you fairly is bad for their bottom line, so having someone who will stand up to them can make all the difference. At Metier Law firm, we have experience with the law, the courts, the insurance companies, and how they all work together. We are here to fight for you and what is fair, so contact our personal injury attorneys today, and receive a consultation regarding your case, free of charge!

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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends. Every accident is unique, and as a result, every personal injury case is unique as well. Many factors are involved, like the severity of injuries and the clarity of who is liable, and generally speaking, the more money is involved, the longer things will take. It is important to note that personal injury cases are most commonly settled out of court, and rarely go to trial. Often, having an attorney working on your behalf can hasten the process, as any settlement offers are more likely to be serious ones when a lawyer is involved. It’s important to mention that experienced trial attorneys like us frequently secure higher settlements due to our courtroom success.
Yes. The statute of limitations determines how long after an accident you have to file a claim. It differs from state to state, as well as based on the specific details of the incident itself, but a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer can tell you what it is in your jurisdiction. Usually, the statute of limitations on personal injury cases ranges from one to six years.
It depends largely on where it occurred. Different states allow for claims to be brought in different situations. Some states will hear cases in which a victim was up to 50% responsible for the accident, while others recognize the right to file a claim for even just 1% of the total damages. Very few states still practice what is known as the ‘pure contributory negligence rule,’ where a person is unable to pursue compensation for an accident if it can be shown that they were in any way responsible for it happening, no matter how slightly. A good attorney can give you the details about what to expect in your location.
Probably. In almost every conceivable situation in which you have been hurt due to the negligence or actions of another, it is your best course of action to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer. Some settlements are easier to reach than others, and some jurisdictions are more complicated than others. Depending on the particular circumstances of your accident, you may have a case, or you may not, but a worthwhile attorney will be able to inform you of all the options available to you.

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