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Every time you hit the open road, the possibility of being involved in a car accident exists.

Car collisions happen every day all over the country – even in Omaha, Nebraska.

Even with modern safety features, hundreds of Nebraskans suffer injuries, particularly serious injuries, from these crashes.

If you’ve suffered severe injuries from a car crash, you have the right to recover the fair compensation you are owed.

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Finding an experienced attorney who you trust is the first step towards this goal.

That’s where Metier Law Firm comes in - our Omaha car accident attorneys have successfully represented injured victims for more than 30 years in car accident cases and the following:

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What Should You Do if You are Injured in an Omaha Car Accident?

Car crashes are terrifying, especially if you have been severely injured. Most drivers won’t be able to think clearly, while others may not even be conscious.

After any traumatic event, people can make mistakes remembering events or experience confusion from the prescription medications – any statement made to the insurance adjuster, even innocent reflexive statements, can hurt an injured driver’s claim and prevent them from recovering results and the highest compensation owed.

The best things you can do after an accident are to:

  • Get to a safe place away from traffic.
  • Take photos and video of the scene and of your injuries.
  • Get medical attention at the hospital and from your primary care doctor.
  • Save everything you had on you and keep it all somewhere safe.
  • Make sure an official report has been filed.
  • Preserve all documentation, bills, receipts, etc.

Contact an experienced Omaha car accident injury lawyer as soon as possible.

What are the Most Common Injuries from Car Accidents?

Injuries from car accidents affect about 3 million individuals annually in the United States. The most typical injuries are listed below:

  • Head and Brain Trauma
  • Back and Pelvis Injury
  • Neck and Connective Tissue Injury
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Limb Injuries
  • Permanent disability
  • Internal Organ Damage
  • Chest Injuries
  • Minor Injuries

When another driver’s negligence causes your injuries and subsequent medical expenses, their insurance company should pay for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, but often they’ll make the process difficult.

Fortunately, you don’t need to go through this process alone. Metier Law Firm’s car accident lawyers will be with you every step of the way for your compensation claim and offer free consultations over the phone, virtually and in-person.

Who Can Be Held Responsible for my Omaha Car Accident Damages?

Any party whose actions were the cause of the accident can be held liable for damages. Whether it was another driver, construction company, or auto manufacturer, it’s crucial to investigate the incident to identify who can be held responsible for damages.

The value of your Nebraska car accident case is determined by the severity of injuries, effect on your income, and the emotional distress you’ve experienced.

Because most of our clients suffered severe injuries with long-term effects, there are more complicated factors that increase the value of their cases.

The other driver may only have $25,000 in insurance coverage, which typically won’t cover all damages in serious injury cases, but if additional liable parties are discovered during our investigation, our car accident attorneys will fight to get you the compensation you need.

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How Long Do I Have to Submit a Vehicle Accident Injury Claim in Omaha?

Nebraska’s normal statute of limitations for a vehicle crash injury victim is four years to file an accident claim and just two years to file a wrongful death claim.

That means you must file a claim or a lawsuit within this timeframe to receive compensation for any losses you’ve suffered. If you wait beyond this time, you may be unable to file a claim and receive compensation at all.

You may think you have a lot of time to worry about filing your claim. Yet, the longer you wait to take action, the higher the risk is of missing key opportunities. Instead, hire a Nebraska vehicle accident attorney who will begin working on your case right away.

How Much Vehicle Insurance is Required in Omaha, Nebraska?

Every vehicle driver must maintain the minimum liability coverage limits and must also be able to provide proof of insurance when you ride or when requested to do so by the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles.

Liability coverage kicks in when you are at fault for a collision or found liable in a vehicle accident that results in injuries or property damage. Liability coverage includes limits per person, per accident, and separately for property damage liability.

In Omaha, the minimum liability coverage limits are as follows:

  • Bodily injury liability limit per person: $25,000
  • Bodily injury limit per accident: $50,000
  • Property damage limit per accident: $25,000

You’ll most likely see the Nebraska insurance requirements written as: 25/50/25 (bodily injury per person, per accident/total, and property damage liability).

Many of the crashes we see involve a driver without insurance or enough insurance to pay for the medical expenses of our injured vehicle client. Be sure to add uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage to your policy.

Can I File a Vehicle Injury Claim if I was Partially to Blame?

In many cases, both drivers share fault for the collision, but does this prevent an injured vehicle driver from receiving compensation?

If the other driver was breaking the law but you were too, you might feel that you are both to blame for the accident. It’s noble for wanting to take responsibility for your actions but don’t do it. You might not be to blame for any of it, even if you suspect you did something wrong or are partially at-fault.

When a car accident results in severe injuries that impact how you live your life, ask yourself some questions. Are you 100% certain that your actions played a role in your car crash?

Can you afford to lose out on the damages you’re due because someone else is allowing you to take partial blame? While you aren’t going to miss out on all the damages you’re owed, you could lose a significant amount of those damages.

This could cause you to suffer financially in the future, which is a problem for many people.

The law will allow you to seek some damages if you are partially to blame. Don’t panic just yet. The damages are simply reduced based on how much of the blame for the accident is your own.

You might see half the amount you wanted to cover your part in the accident. It’s not impossible to get what you need to cover the cost of medical bills, lost wages, and other damages, but it’s easier if you are not to blame even partially for what occurred.

Under Nebraska law (,185.09), a method known as "modified comparative negligence" is used to calculate the compensation an injured vehicle driver can recover.

In short, if the vehicle driver was 10% at fault, their verdict will be reduced by 10%.

If the vehicle driver and other driver are found to be equally (50/50) at fault, no compensation is paid. If the vehicle driver is 51% or more to blame for the collision or crash, then the vehicle driver can obtain compensation for their losses albeit a reduced amount.

  • For example, if a drivers incurs $50,000 in medical expenses and other damages but is determined to be 10% at fault by a jury, they will receive $45,000 instead of the entire $50,000.

Do I Need the Police Accident Report to have a Free Consultation for My Vehicle Accident?

An accident report is helpful for our intake team, but not necessary for a free consultation. We will gather the information about your vehicle crash during your consultation and begin our investigation afterwards.

Your Omaha vehicle accident attorney and legal team will request a copy of the accident report from the and typically can get it much faster.

You can request a copy of your accident report at the following sites:

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If these questions have crossed your mind, let us help. You may need a little direction or may not need an attorney at all, but you deserve to be confident knowing your options.  Your confidential consultation with us is totally free.

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