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Colorado Car Accident Injury Lawyers

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Colorado is home to some of the most scenic and breathtaking vistas in the country, but if you’ve ever driven on one of our winding alpine roads, you know that these views are not always easy to access. High elevation, switchbacks, and a lack of guardrails in many treacherous locations make our mountain roads a challenge even for the best drivers. One such stretch between Gilpin and Clear Creek Counties has been given the nickname, “the Oh-My-God Road,” and for good reason.

Add to this the rapid development of our urban centers, like Denver, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs, and the added transportation challenges that come with such expansion, and you have a situation that makes all types of car accidents possible. In 2020 alone, the Colorado State Patrol, which deals with only about 70% of accidents resulting in death, responded to more than 260 fatal crashes.

Clearly, driving in Colorado brings with it extra challenges, and traffic accidents are all but sure to happen. When they do, you need a car accident attorney who has experience with Colorado auto accidents and the unique way in which they must be approached. Metier Law Firm has been helping the victims of motor vehicle accidents in the state for over 35 years, and we know the laws, the insurers, and the court system well. Give our office in Fort Collins, Denver, or Colorado Springs a call, and we’ll review your case and give you a consultation, free of charge.

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What Makes Driving in Colorado So Dangerous?

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There are many reasons Colorado regularly sees more than 500 fatalities and 3000 serious injuries from traffic accidents each year, but there are three main factors that make driving here a unique challenge.

  1. Colorado Roads
    • From dirt roads winding up 12-degree inclines to infamous stretches of highway like Vail Pass, the sheer nature of the roads in Colorado increases the likelihood of accidents happening. In our urban centers, rapid population growth has left transportation departments scrambling to widen and update dilapidated and congested areas, like many parts of Colfax Avenue in Denver.
  2. Colorado Weather
    • Anyone who has experienced a Colorado blizzard knows that the weather has an enormous impact on driving conditions. Outside of the brutal winter conditions, high winds, rain-induced rock slides, and tornadoes are some of the things drivers must watch out for.
  3. Colorado Construction
    • For anyone who drives on it regularly, it seems like I-25 is under perpetual construction, and that goes for many of our highways and state roads. Between the hazards of a construction zone and dilapidated road conditions that have yet to be addressed, a good proportion of Colorado auto wrecks are in some way influenced by one construction project or another.

However your car crash happens, a personal injury lawyer from Metier Law Firm can help you put the pieces back together. Contact our compassionate team, and we will listen to what happened, evaluate the evidence, and give you a free consultation about how we can help.

What Do I Do After My Colorado Car Accident?

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Nobody ever plans on getting injured in a car crash. One second you are focused on getting where you’re going and what you will do there, and in an instant, everything changes. In the confusion after a car crash, keeping a cool head and remembering these few crucial things can make it a lot easier for your car accident attorney to get you the maximum compensation later.

Once you make sure you and anyone else involved are out of the way of further harm, the first thing you should do after a car wreck in Colorado is to call 911. The police will control the area, take statements from those involved, and make a report, and the paramedics will provide medical attention to all accident victims. When you are able to, take your own photos of the scene and any property damage, as you may catch something that is not included in the police report. It is also a good idea to gather the information of the other driver and any witnesses for yourself.

As soon as you can after the accident, see your doctor for a medical examination, to diagnose any hidden trauma and to get an official medical report of your physical injuries. As you compile all these reports and pieces of potential evidence, including the clothes and shoes you were wearing, keep everything and store it somewhere safe.

Finally and most importantly, you should contact an experienced Colorado car accident injury attorney, like those at our personal injury law firm. They will be able to look at all the evidence you bring to them and advise you further on what to expect out of a potential claim. From there, you will work together to hold the responsible party accountable and get fair compensation for your accident.

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Why Should I Hire a Colorado Car Accident Lawyer?

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Every car crash happens differently, so every case needs to be handled differently to be successful. At Metier Law Firm, we understand this, and we know that it takes years of experience with car accident cases to know how to do it best. That’s why we have built a dedicated team of car wreck lawyers who have dealt with these kinds of claims in Colorado, Nebraska, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming. For over 35 years, we have been fighting for our clients - wherever they are. 

After your free case consultation, we will get to work collecting all the evidence we can to then build a strong and convincing case, and help you follow the proper procedures for filing a claim. Most often, we are able to negotiate with the insurance companies for a fair settlement, but if need be, we are prepared to argue on your behalf in court.

Though it may be possible to file an injury claim and pursue restitution on your own, the legal world can be a very complicated one, so having a knowledgeable auto accident lawyer there to assist and give you guidance will make sure you don’t lose out due to a technicality. If you decide you want a caring and knowledgeable Colorado accident injury attorney on your side, call Metier Law Firm, and let us get to work for you.

Compassionate Colorado Car Accident Attorneys

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With our first office opening in Fort Collins in 1986, Metier Law Firm is glad to call Colorado home. That’s why we are so dedicated to helping car accident victims from across the state. We want all Coloradans to know that if they are hurt on our roads and highways, the Law of the West is on their side.

Our team of seasoned personal injury attorneys will put their decades of experience trying car wreck cases and knowledge of Colorado law to good use working to get you the money you need to recover and get well again. Call us, or simply fill out our online case consultation form to get started on your path to getting your life back.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The damages for which you can pursue compensation can be broken into two main categories:

  • Economic damages: The cost of past and future medical care, the cost of rehabilitation, lost earning capacity, and other tangible damages that can be quantified.
  • Non-economic damages: Injuries sustained in the accident, pain and suffering, impairment, disfigurement, emotional distress, and other losses that cannot be as easily quantified.

Your attorney will help you determine which damages you can pursue following your accident.

In many cases, the other party’s insurance company will contact you immediately after the accident asking for a statement. They may come across as friendly or well-intentioned, but their ultimate goal is to obtain a statement that will ultimately hurt your case and allow them to give you the lowest settlement they can.

If the other party’s insurance company contacts you, tell them that you would like to speak with your attorney before providing them with a statement at a later date. Then, contact your Colorado personal injury lawyer to discuss your next steps.

Subrogation is the process by which your insurance company recovers the costs incurred by another insurance company’s insured (in most cases, the at-fault party). Your health insurance company may have covered the cost of the medical care required immediately after your accident. Once you have received your car accident settlement, the insurance company may make a claim on your settlement in order to reimburse their expenses. The attorneys at Metier Law Firm can help you determine whether your case will be affected by subrogation and what your options are.

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