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No matter what led you to the Front Range, you will spend a great deal of time on our roads and highways in order to reach your destination.

Heavy traffic, potholes, and construction zones create hazardous conditions for drivers in the Fort Collins metropolitan region and frequently contribute to the cases our Fort Collins car accident lawyers see.

Fort Collins landscape

Large, congested freeways such as I-25 appear to constantly be congested as a result of a collision, whereas routes such as S. College Ave frequently experience crashes with cross traffic, parked vehicles, and pedestrians.

The added difficulty of expanding our streets to accommodate the growing population of Fort Collins and Loveland creates hazardous scenarios for motorists, pedestrians, and motorcyclists. On one of the many gorgeous roads in Colorado or on the way to a spectacular drive around Horsetooth Reservoir, you may encounter concrete barriers, loose gravel, and uneven lanes.

Driving in Colorado can be quite pleasurable but has additional obstacles. If you are injured in a car accident, you need an attorney with a track record of success in representing car accident injury clients. The Metier Law Firm has been assisting victims of car accidents in Colorado for over four decades, and we are familiar with the laws, insurance companies, and courts. Obtain a free consultation with an injury lawyer near Fort Collins today.

Why Hire a Fort Collins Car Accident Lawyer?

After an automobile accident, it is always advisable to consult with an attorney. An experienced Fort Collins auto accident attorney can investigate your accident and search for evidence to substantiate the driver's fault. Two of the key reasons to employ a Fort Collins car accident attorney are to build a strong case and negotiate the maximum reimbursement amount with the insurance company on your behalf.


Every day, negligent and dangerous drivers in Colorado put you and your loved ones in danger. Serious collisions caused by irresponsible drivers can result in death and severe injury.

A car accident may only take a few seconds, but the repercussions will be felt for much longer. Even with insurance, it might be difficult to receive compensation for vehicle repairs, medical expenses, missed earnings, and other damages. You need a Fort Collins automobile accident lawyer to speak for your needs and safeguard your legal rights.

Do not waste another day awaiting a fair resolution. Contact a knowledgeable Fort Collins auto accident attorney at Metier Law Firm immediately for any of the following cases:

What To Do After a Fort Collins Car Accident?

Fear and confusion can make people feel like they don't know what to do after a car accident. But what you do in the short term can have a big impact on the future.

Car Accident


Focus on getting yourself and any other victims to a safe place right away, far away from the road and out of the way of traffic. If you can safely move your car, do so. If not, leave it where it is.

2. CALL 911

Call the police and ask for emergency medical help if anyone is hurt. Even if you don't think you're hurt badly, let the emergency medical staff check you out at the scene.

Give the police information, but don't say you're to blame, even if you think you may have caused or contributed to the accident.


If there are any witnesses, get their names and numbers. Talk to the other drivers and, if you can, take pictures of the accident scene.

Ask for the police report number and the contact information for the officer who filed the report. With this information, getting the police report will be easier in the future.


Even if you don't think you're hurt, you should go to the ER or a nearby urgent care clinic to be checked out. Getting a full medical checkup will help make sure that any injuries are found.

You can get the care you need and the medical records you need to prove that you were hurt in an accident.


Contact a lawyer as soon as you can. An experienced lawyer can look at your case and tell you what your options are for your claim.

If the insurance company calls you, don't give them any information until you've talked to a lawyer. The insurance company can use anything you say against you to deny your claim or lower the amount of any settlement you might get.

Can I File a Claim as a Passenger in a Fort Collins Car Accident?

If you were a passenger in a car accident and were injured, you may not know that you can file an injury claim for your losses.

As a passenger, you most likely weren’t at fault for the crash but instead of making it easier to recover compensation, people overcomplicate the claims process.

Injured Woman Signing Document After Auto Accident

Depending on the number of at-fault parties for the accident, seeking compensation as an injured passenger may include filing a claim with one or more insurance companies. For example, if the driver of the car you were in is 30% at fault and the other motorist is 70%, you must file claims with both insurance companies in order to receive 100% of the compensation you deserve.

When both insurance companies dispute liability, this can cause a delay in your claim getting paid making it critical to have an expert passenger injury lawyer on your side to fight for you.

What Compensation am I Entitled To?

Many people think that you can only recover medical bills from a car accident injury. A serious injury can change almost everything about your life. You might not be able to work or even enjoy life like you used to. After a serious accident, you might have to pay for more than just medical bills.

Lost wages - If you were hurt and couldn't work because of it, you could ask for compensation for the money you lost because of the accident. Some people who used to do manual labor for a living are no longer able to do their jobs because of injuries that are very hard to fix.

Pain and suffering - Pain that lasts for a long time or is always there can make your life very hard. Even though getting money can't take away your pain and suffering, it may help you find ways to feel better without the stress of worrying about money.

Disfigurement - If your accident left you disfigured, you may experience substantial distress.

Emotional pain - Serious accidents can be very upsetting. You might feel afraid, anxious, angry, or sad. PTSD diagnoses after a major accident are not uncommon. Some people who have been in car accidents say they are afraid to get back in a car.

Loss of enjoyment - After a serious injury, you might not be able to enjoy the things you used to. If you used to like to do things like play sports, go hiking, or cook, and you can't do those things anymore, it could be very upsetting.

If someone else's carelessness or negligence caused you to get hurt badly in a car crash, you should talk to one of our experienced Fort Collins Car Accident lawyers as soon as possible after the accident. If you start the process of filing a claim quickly, it may be easier for your lawyer to keep important evidence.

Common Causes of Fort Collins Car Crashes

When a client comes to us after a car accident, one of the first things our law firm does is figure out what caused the accident. What kind of careless behavior did the other driver do that caused our client to get hurt? Here are some of the main reasons we see over and over again:

Speeding: When it comes to speeding, the speed limit posted on each road is based on how that road is built. When a driver goes over that speed limit, the chances of getting into an accident increase. Since the vehicle is going faster, the window to react is smaller, the impact of the crash is larger, and most of the time, serious or severe injuries happen.

Driving under the influence: Even though people have been educated and warned for years, they still insist on getting behind the wheel of their car after drinking. Even though the number of drunk driving accidents is going down, it is still one of the most common reasons why cars crash.

Distracted driving: While accidents caused by drunk driving may be going down, accidents caused by distracted driving keep going up. Your car can travel over 100ft on many roads when you take your eyes off the road for a second to read a text, check on your kid in the backseat, or find a ketchup packet in a bag of fast food.

Reckless driving: Some drivers act like they own the roads and can do whatever they want with their cars, like cutting off other cars, changing lanes or turns without signaling, not stopping at stop signs, etc. Not only are these things against the law, but they are also one of the main reasons why car accidents happen.

Tailgating: Everyone seems to be in a hurry these days, and this may be most obvious on the roads, where impatient drivers follow too closely behind the car in front of them. Not only will this not get a driver to their destination any faster, but it often leads to a rear-end collision because the driver didn't leave enough space between cars.

What’s the Average Fort Collins Car Accident Settlement?

If you've been in an accident, you may be wondering how much an insurance settlement will be.

This is, of course, an important thing to think about after a serious injury that has caused you to need medical care, lose income from work, and deal with other problems. Because many court settlements are kept secret, it is almost impossible to figure out what the average is. Estimates of the settlement amount vary a lot depending on where the information comes from.

It's very important to keep in mind that every personal injury case is different, so it's hard, if not impossible, to say how much a claim might be worth. When figuring out how much a car accident injury settlement is worth, there are a number of things that could come into play:

  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning potential or future wages
  • The cost of damage to your car and property
  • Doctor’s bills and other medical bills
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Pain and suffering
Taking a Picture of a car accident

The specifics of your case are much more important than how much the average settlement for a car accident is. Before negotiating the amount of your settlement, your Fort Collins car accident lawyer may work with doctors, financial planners, vocational experts, and other professionals to figure out how much you've lost.

The law in Colorado will also affect how much you get from your car accident settlement. If you were partly to blame for the accident, for example, your settlement could be cut by up to 49 percent. If you were more than half to blame for the accident, you won't be able to get money from the other person's insurance company.

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