Why are Workplace Deaths Increasing in Wyoming?

How To Prevent Workplace Deaths

In this video on construction safety, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) illustrates some of the preventative techniques that can save lives. This is important for Wyoming since workplace deaths and injuries are on the rise. So how can we avert injuries while working on-the-job?

The deputy director of Wyoming’s OSHA, Mike Todd, spoke to attendees at a meeting of the Wyoming Oil and Gas Industry Safety Alliance last month. He gave several examples of industrial accidents over the past year that could have been easily prevented, but instead turned fatal. “Very simple measures could have prevented all of these fatalities,” Todd said.

In one instance, the fan of an HVAC unit was not turned off while the unit was being serviced and a worker was sucked into it and killed. Wyoming frequently leads the US in per capita deaths of industrial workers. Todd blames this on a “culture” of not caring about safety. He says one of the first steps is for employers to view their workers as individuals, and to attempt to head off problems at the first sign.

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