Wyoming Motorcycle Fatalities on the Rise

Wyoming is up to 73 fatalities for the year after six fatal accidents in the last week of July. And of those six accidents, four of them occurred between Friday, July 29 and Sunday, July 31. In comparison, the number of fatalities at the same time last year was 71, and the total for 2010 was 153.

The recent accidents include a hit-and-run where a driver in a pickup struck and killed a rider early on Friday, July 29, and left his body at the side of the road. Later that same day a man lost control of his motorcycle and was ejected. The events of Friday repeated on Sunday with one rider dying in an early-morning collision with an automobile and another rider losing control of his bike.

The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WDOT) is concerned about the increase in fatalities, especially in light of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally slated to start on August 8. According to Jeff Goetz of the WDOT, Interstate 25 and Highway 85 in Wyoming are major routes to Sturgis. Drivers need to be aware that they will see more motorcycle traffic than usual as riders travel to and from the event. More motorcycle traffic can lead to more fatalities if both riders and drivers are not careful and mindful of each other’s presence.

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