Videos About Motorcycle Accident Claims

Our Attorneys Explain Our Unique Experience with Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcyclists stand to sustain life-altering catastrophic injuries when driver negligence causes a crash. Thus, as an injured motorcyclist, the rest of your life may depend on the outcome of an insurance claim and/or lawsuit. At Metier Law Firm, LLC, many of our attorneys ride motorcycles themselves and so have unique insights into these kinds of claims. We fight for our fellow bikers and their loved ones after serious crashes and work to educate the public about motorcycle awareness. In these videos, our motorcycle accident attorneys answer common questions you may have after a wreck.

Our law firm offers SaferiderTM investigation and legal services to clients. These services are tailored to motorcycle accident cases and utilize our lawyers’ experience as motorcyclists. We also partner with Law Tigers, a professional group of motorcycle accident attorneys from across the nation. If you need legal help after a wreck, then call (866) 377-3800 or contact us online today. We offer free initial consultations at our offices in Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska.