Trucking Company Faces Lawsuit for Fatal Nebraska Accident

There were signs on the road alerting drivers about a traffic jam up ahead – two semi-trucks had crashed a few miles down on westbound I-80 in Nebraska. One trucker did not heed these warnings and crashed into a Mustang, which then pushed the Corolla in front of it underneath a truck. The truck accident killed two parents, their two children and the pregnant mother’s unborn child. We wrote about the accident last September.

The children’s grandparents filed a wrongful death lawsuit against truck driver Josef Slezak and his employer, AKI Trucking Inc. The lawsuit claims that Slezak broke federal trucking laws and stayed on the road longer than regulations allowed. Laws require truckers to stop driving after 14 hours behind the wheel; the suit says Slezak drove for at least 17 hours.

The suit blames other truckers and companies for the fatal accident, including the trucks involved in the earlier incident that slowed traffic in the first place. These parties include:

  • Swift-Truck Lines Ltd. and driver Vladimir Zhukov, who allegedly failed to move his vehicle off the road while investigating an equipment malfunction
  • Long Haul Trucking Inc. and North Metro Truck Leasing LLC. The former employed the driver who crashed into Zhukov’s stalled vehicle, and the latter owned the truck.

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