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Did You Know About Colorado’s Motorcycle Noise Ordinance?

In a previous blog, we wrote about how a Massachusetts man tried end a memorial motorcycle ride by getting his city to require noise checks for any motorcycle ride passing through. The measure didn’t work, but there are plenty of cities all over the country that have tried similar measures. However, these efforts are often thwarted by the tenacity of motorcyclists and by state laws. A Brief Look at the Motorcycle Noise Ordinance In California, as a measure to limit the noise emitted by motorcycles, the state instituted a law that says non-EPA-approved motorcycle exhaust systems are not permitted on the state’s roads. This measure was meant to limit noise by making aftermarket exhausts illegal while claiming the measure was an effort to reduce air pollution. However, the EPA motorcycle noise standard is 80 decibels. This allowed manufacturers to continue producing loud aftermarket exhausts, as long as the pipes did…
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Five Tips on How to Ride During Autumn

Fall is here, but just because it’s starting to get chilly doesn’t mean you have to put your motorcycle away for the year. There is still some good weather and events out there for Coloradoans who don’t want to hang up their riding jackets for the year. Here are some tips that may help, from the motorcycling attorneys at Metier Law Firm. How to Ride During Autumn: Five Tips to Make Your Ride Better Watch Out for Leaves­– Just like patches of gravel in the summer, piles of leaves are a nightmare. They can turn a sticky road into a slick ice skating rink in no time, especially if they are wet. Avoid clumps of leaves while you are out on your ride, and you’ll keep the shiny side up. Animal Crossings– Many different animals become active in the Fall season. They are on a mission to collect food stores…
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Will Car Dealerships Help Improve Colorado Motorcycle Safety?

Colorado is in a crisis. Over the past four years, motorcyclist fatalities have risen 58 percent, and things don’t appear to be slowing down. Fortunately, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has a plan to deal with this. But will the agency’s new plan, which involves a car dealership, succeed in spreading motorcycle safety? Colorado Motorcycle Safety and Car Dealerships Last year, Colorado set an all-time record for motorcyclist deaths in our state. An unprecedented 125 riders perished in 2016, and 2017 isn’t shaping up any better. So far, 72 people have died in motorcycle crashes this year, but officials are looking to change that. You see, most fatal motorcycle crashes involve collisions with other vehicles. In fact, the Colorado State Patrol has gone on record blaming the spike in motorcyclist fatalities on distracted driving. That’s why CDOT is turning its attention to educating drivers, and they’ve got help from…
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