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Can Motorcyclists Trust Autonomous Vehicles?

As the “car of the future,” autonomous vehicles have a lot of promise moving forward. Automakers claim that the vehicles will save $127 billion in damages worldwide by 2027, and by 2050 these vehicles may be able to reduce traffic fatalities by 90 percent. But are these promises too good to be true? A new lawsuit in California is shining doubt upon autonomous vehicles, and if you ride a motorcycle, it may be time to pay attention to this issue. Do Autonomous Vehicles Put Motorcyclists in Danger? In San Francisco, what is probably the first but not last lawsuit against the maker of an autonomous vehicle has been filed. In the lawsuit a motorcyclist claims that after an autonomous vehicle changed lanes, it suddenly reentered the lane and crashed into his Honda S90. The motorcyclist says he had moved into the empty space left by the driverless vehicle before it…
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Can Your Car Prevent Distracted Driving?

Have you heard of Knight Rider? We are coming to a time when not many people may recognize this classic 80’s television show, and yet the technology of today is catching up to the science fiction of that show. Now researchers may be using the technology of fiction to make cars smarter and stop distracted driving. Making a Car That Stops Distracted Driving In Knight Rider, Michael Knight and his partner—KITT a wise-cracking Firebird—fight crime on a weekly basis. While protecting and defending, the two would often share life lessons, KITT learning more about humanity, and Michael learning wisdom from his A.I. partner. Could you imagine having the same dynamic with your car? Well a research group in Canada is developing car technology to do just that, and it could be used to end distracted driving. The University of Waterloo’s Centre for Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence is using cameras…
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Should Autonomous Vehicles Be Designed to Crash?

If you’ve driven in Colorado long enough, then you have probably seen a road work convoy or two. These mobile work projects are what help keep Colorado roads and highways clean and maintained. However, when these workers are doing their jobs, they can be vulnerable to the traffic around them. That’s why crash trucks follow these convoys everywhere, but now new technology could turn these into autonomous vehicles. Is Colorado ready? Are Autonomous Vehicles Designed to Crash a Good Thing? Right now, there are autonomous crash vehicles on Colorado’s highways and roads. These vehicles are huge trucks covered in metal bumpers and yellow paint. They are designed to keep road workers safer, and making these vehicles autonomous may just improve that design. Up until now, the state has employed people to drive these trucks, and that has always caused a serious problem. How safe is a worker driving a vehicle…
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