How Responsible Is the NFL for Traumatic Brain Injuries Suffered by Ex-Players?

brain scanMany NFL players leave the league after playing for sometimes very short careers and start experiencing traumatic brain injuries and life crippling brain diseases such as CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy). Recently, an article in time magazine detailed out that NFL research on brain disease had been done on deceased players, thus making it very difficult to distinguish if their NFL career was linked to their brain condition. Recent studies conducted on living NFL retirees have surfaced, and over 40 percent of players have been found to have abnormal brain structures and diminished cognitive functionality. Employers are required by law to provide adequate safety training and workers compensation for injuries sustained while working. Many serious conditions football players face happen years after they stop playing.

How Is the NFL Compensating Players?

The NFL has offered settlement money to many players filing personal injury lawsuits, but complaints have come back at them stating that the NFL doesn’t recognize compensation for future risk of brain injuries, or the link between playing football and CTE. Ex-players have suggested in court that CLE and other brain diseases need to be defined as an occupational disease of playing football, and they deserve workers comp for these injuries. While the NFL and players are still battling out in court, many more people have been in accidents that have severely altered their brain functionality.

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