The Motorcycling Tip You’ve Never Heard

There are many ways to hurt yourself while riding a motorcycle. Most of those ways involve crashing, but did you know that there’s at least one way to hurt yourself without crashing your bike? It’s actually highly preventable, too. So, what is the injury that the motorcycling community is neglecting and why does everyone neglect it?

You Need to Hear This Motorcycling Tip

This unnoticed injury is hearing loss. It is estimated that hearing loss affects some 48 million Americans, and many experts believe that it affects motorcyclists at a higher rate than the rest of the country. In Britain, scientists conducted a study of motorcycle racers and found that 45 percent had higher than average hearing loss. Plus, the longer these racers rode, the more hearing loss they had. So, what can motorcyclists who want to keep their hearing to do?

Most experts say that simply wearing foam earplugs will be enough to save a motorcyclist’s hearing. However, few riders actually make the effort to wear them. Excuses include:

  • Earplugs are uncomfortable.
  • Earplugs are too hard to put in.
  • My motorcycle isn’t very noisy.
  • My helmet is enough ear protection.
  • I’m used to the noise my motorcycle makes.

But did you realize that riding your motorcycle can be as loud as having a chainsaw next to your ear? Plus, the sound of your engine and exhaust aren’t even loudest part of your ride. Audio scientists say that at speeds higher than 40 mph, wind noise becomes louder than your bike itself. It’s that noise that does the real damage to riders’ hearing.

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