Are Mom’s Using Motorcycles as Therapy?

Motorcycle safety is of the utmost importance. Before you ride, make sure you understand Colorado motorcycle law. Well, it’s official. Motorcycling is a woman’s hobby, and there’s no way it could get any cooler than that. Ladies all over the country are becoming enamored by two-wheeled steeds, but why? Here’s a fast look at the changing world of motorcycling from your Colorado motorcycling attorneys.

Motorcycles as Therapy, Even Mom Has to Try It Out!

A recent video from USA Today may have caught a few motorcycling men off guard. That’s because it featured moms talking about their love for motorcycles. Each woman explained her reason for riding: one claimed that it helped her meditate and solve problems, another claimed it was like a mini vacation. No matter what the reason, these women aren’t giving up their bikes anytime soon, and they aren’t alone.

From coast to coast, more women have jumped into the saddle and found themselves instantly hooked. As of 2014, 14 percent of the 8.4 million motorcycle registrations in the U.S. belonged to women. That’s up from only 8 percent in 1998, and the trend continues to grow.

Motorcycle gear retailers are reporting that riding gear for women is selling like hotcakes. Even motorcycle manufacturers are starting to see the trend as more women start to buy bikes that fit their own personal riding needs. Café racers, bobbers, choppers and scramblers seem to be the styles of choice as these lighter bikes with big engines seem to be drawing the patronage of more women.

This change in the status quo of motorcycles has Harley-Davidson, Ducati, and BMW focusing on female riders and sales. Events and rallies are even turning their focus toward women—check out the ADVWoman Rally right here in Granby if you need proof.

So, what’s the next step for women motorcyclists? We’re not exactly sure, but if women riders like Elena Myers, Melissa Paris, Laia Sanz and Ana Carrasco are any sign. Professional motorsports might be the next stop for women riders.

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