Forceps Better Than C-Section?

Forceps have been in use for hundreds of years; the use of the tool only recently receding with the advent of safe caesarian sections and vacuum devices. It could be possible that the tool, with its frightening appearance and less-than-favorable reputation, might have gone out of style too soon.

A recent study has shown that forceps-assisted deliveries may carry less risk of newborn seizures than c-sections and vacuum assisted deliveries.

According to Reuters, in 2007 c-sections were performed in one-third of all U.S. births. This is an increase from 21 percent ten years before.

Dr. Erika F. Werner, an obstetrician at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, says that this increase has occurred despite a lack of evidence that newer methods of delivery are actually safer for newborns.

Werner, focusing on seizures and bleeding in or around the brain, used data from more than 400,000 births to first-time moms. The study found that newborns delivered by forceps were 45 percent less likely to suffer a seizure than those delivered by c-section or vacuum pump.

Babies delivered by c-section were less likely to have one type of bleeding around the brain referred to as subdural hemorrhage.

It is interesting to see that newer does not always mean better in medical science. The law firm of Cappolino Dodd Krebs LLP talked about this new finding recently and the dangers inherent in newborn seizures. Avoiding seizures in newborns can prevent brain damage, and that is always a good thing.

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