Following Grill Explosion, Storm Returns to ESPN

Hannah Storm, an anchor for ESPN, was cooking dinner for her family on December 11. She turned on her propane grill, started a fire and went inside for a few minutes. When she returned outside, she saw that the wind had blown out the flames. She turned off the gas and tried to reignite the coals, and an enormous explosion erupted from the grill.

“A wall of fire, like something you see in a movie,” she said.

The explosion caused first and second-degree burn injuries on her face, neck, chest and hands. She also lost most of her hair, eyebrows and eyelashes.

Storm made a surprisingly quick recovery. She covered the Rose Parade on New Year’s Day with a wig, a cast on her left hand and prosthetic eyebrows and eyelashes.

She says that her recovery is irregular for most burn injury victims. “It’s important to remember that burns take a long time to heal,” she said.

She is correct: burn injuries are often severe and may cause life-long disability, disfigurement and discomfort. If you used a product like a propane grill as directed and sustained a critical injury, you may have grounds to file a product liability lawsuit. Manufacturers of defective products should be held liable for their mistakes, and we can help. Call (866) 377-3800 to schedule your free case review.

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