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Metier Law Firm’s team of dedicated injury attorneys is proud to be the premier law firm recovering injury-related expenses for the people of Portland. We’ve successfully settled hundreds of large and small injury-related legal cases up to, and even beyond, our clients’ satisfaction. We handle your case in court so you can focus on your recovery, and we maintain a close relationship with our clients to make sure they always have what they need.

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Whether it's managing your medical bills or fighting for the compensation you deserve, our team is dedicated to providing strength and support during this difficult time.

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How Does it Work?


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We have provided Comfort, Safety and Strength® to accident victims for over 40 years. Whether you've been injured in a truck accident, car accident, or motorcycle accident, our personal injury law firm is completely devoted to helping people who have suffered a life-altering injury. Our decades of legal and medical experience, sharpened by our quick ability to be ready for trial, allows us to be effective and efficient against the toughest opposition.


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From record setting $50 million verdicts to $50,000 policy limit settlements, every penny that can be won, will be won

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We don’t practice any other law and dedicate our time entirely to helping personal injury victims

While training for the Triathlon World Championships, Julia suffered a personal injury from a car that resulted in a traumatic brain injury, changing her and her family’s life.

Julia Purrington, Pine, Colorado.

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