Drunk Driver Runs Motorcycle, Car Off the Road

Last month, a Jackson, Mississippi man attempted to elude police after being stopped for DUI, causing a car and motorcycle accident in the process. In trying to elude the police, the man, Jose Pacheco, 36, only made things worse for himself, according to WLBT 3 in Jackson. His escape attempt was eventually thwarted when he crashed his vehicle. After which, his passenger fled the scene on foot, but when Pacheco tried to follow suit, he was captured.

“Jose Pacheco was arrested for DUI after trying to escape,” said Jackson Police Officer Colendula Green.

The chase itself was quite harrowing, according to investigators. The incident began around 2:45 p.m. with Pacheco driving his Ford F-350 south on Old Canton Road near Pear Orchard. Once he decided to try to flee, Pacheco threw caution to the wind, entering oncoming traffic. On the other side of that oncoming traffic Pacheco was facing was a motorcycle carrying two people. Faced with colliding head on with Pacheco, the bikers were able to avoid the head on collision but ran into a curve as a result.

The motorcycle accident left the passenger on the motorcycle, a female, with leg injuries. There were no injuries reported for the driver of the motorcycle. After leaving the motorcyclists in his wake, Pacheco went on to hit a Honda Accord—the driver of which suffered minor injuries—and crash, leading to his capture.

These motorcyclists ran into trouble through no fault of their own. No one knows what that is like better than a fellow motorcyclist, which many of our attorneys are. However, more importantly, our attorneys are skilled trial lawyers who have successfully fought to bring those at fault to justice and recover the compensation the victims need to move on with their lives in many cases similar to this.

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