Denver Injury Attorneys Follow Up On Fatal Car Accident

In October, we wrote about a Colorado Springs car accident that killed two pedestrians and injured a 14-month-old in a stroller. In a move that may halt criminal proceedings, the El Paso County District Attorney’s office requested that the judge drop charges against the driver who caused the fatal car accident.

The driver in question, Jennifer Eggleton, had been charged with failing to yield to a pedestrian and careless driving resulting in death. Rose Arcugari and Rebecca Lynn Robinson died when Eggleton’s vehicle hit them on October 15 near North Carefree Circle and Picturesque Drive. She also hit a baby carriage containing a 14-month-old girl. The child sustained head injuries in the crash.

El Paso County Chief Deputy District Attorney Jeff Lindsey did not explain why he wanted to drop the charges against Eggleton. Some of the victims’ family members doubt that attorneys could disprove Eggleton’s excuse for the accident. She claims the sun was in her eyes and could not see the women in time to stop.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit

In addition to the surprising turn in the criminal trial, Eggleton settled a wrongful death suit with Danielle Christensen, Arcugari’s daughter. Court documents do not reveal the amount of the settlement. Christensen sued Eggleton for failing to “maintain a proper lookout.” Another wrongful death lawsuit from Robinson’s family against Eggleton is currently in litigation.

If you lost a loved one in a fatal car accident, we can help answer questions you might have about wrongful death lawsuits. If you are grieving the death of a loved one because of someone else’s poor decisions, we can help set things right. Call (866) 377-3800 and we can discuss your accident at no charge.

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