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Did Defective Fire Extinguishers Cause a Car Fire Death?

Have you ever bought a fire extinguisher online or at Walmart, Home Depot, Sears or other brick and mortar retailers? Well you may need to check to make sure you didn’t purchase a defective fire extinguisher. A new recall has stirred safety advocates all over the country and if you aren’t careful, the consequences of ignoring this recall could be high. Why Is a Defective Fire Extinguisher at the Center of an Auto Fatality? This story happened in Pennsylvania, however, the implications of this crash reach all over the nation, even here in Colorado. A 22-year-old man from West Chester, PA was driving near Immaculata University early in the morning of August 17, 2014. But for unknown reasons, the man swerved off road and his car smashed into a tree. It took first responders only a few minutes to arrive, but when they did, the car was on fire. Rescuers…
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How Do Victims and Jurors Connect in Personal Injury Cases?

Every morning, the children of the Brockman family get up and get ready for school. They used to enjoy that time with both their mother and father, but that all changed in 2013. That’s when a terrible crash left Mendy Brockman with quadriplegia. Now she someone must be around to help care for her at almost every moment of the day, which is why her family has sought help from the civil justice system. But can the loss that this family has suffered be communicated to a jury during such a personal injury case? How Do Traffic Accidents Turn into a Personal Injury Cases? Mendy and her husband Jason were driving down Interstate 25—close to Castle Rock—on July 5, 2013 when their car was suddenly struck. A driver making a U-turn, crossed two lanes of traffic and slammed into the passenger side of the Brockman’s 1994 Honda. The car rolled…
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Why Are Three Sturgis Icons Being Sued for Personal Injury?

Have you ever been to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally? Once a year, riders from all across the country gather at the largest and most well-known motorcycle gatherings in the entire world. Burn out contests, food, drinks, activities and concerts take over the little town of Sturgis for nearly two weeks, but last year a few spectators got a little more than they bargained for. Now, it has led one man to filing a personal injury lawsuit, and three Sturgis icons are in the suit’s crosshairs. How Did Sturgis Become the Center of a Personal Injury Lawsuit? You’ve probably seen the video of bike builder, Roland Sands, falling to a serious gaff on the Buffalo Chip’s mainstage. He rolled out on a brand new, freshly customized, Indian motorcycle, and rode it right off the stage. The bike crashed into the audience, and at the time, we were told that four people…
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