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Can Denver Fight Off a Traffic Fatality Trend?

Last year was a tough year for traffic fatalities all across Colorado. At least 605 people died on roadways in our state, but did you know that 61 of those deaths happened in Denver? This shocking number has city officials scrambling, and the mayor is ready to take measures to bring this number down to zero. How Will Denver Stop Its Traffic Fatality Trend? So far, in 2017, another 41 people have died in traffic accidents all over Denver. According to the mayor’s office, around 50 percent of the traffic deaths in the city happened on 5 percent of Denver’s streets. Officials also claim that a significant portion of these fatalities were pedestrians. Colorado State Patrol is focusing on the recent spike in distracted driving to take control of traffic fatalities around the state. But in Denver, Mayor Michael Hancock has set his sights on other emergent problems. The mayor…
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Is Your Car’s Infotainment System Causing Distracted Driving?

Would you believe that your car’s infotainment system is a less distracting device than your smartphone? That’s what automakers would have you believe, however, that could be a dangerous misconception. Professor David Strayer works with AAA’s Foundation for Traffic Safety, and his latest study may change your mind about distracted driving and the infotainment system in your car. Does a Vehicle’s Infotainment System Cause Distracted Driving? A spokesman for the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers told Fox News that vehicle integrated infotainment systems are specifically “designed to be used in the driving environment.” Because of this, these systems require the same amount of attention as what a driver uses when they adjust the radio or climate controls. But what AAA’s researchers have uncovered puts that evaluation under suspicion. Strayer collected 30 vehicles—all 2017 models—and ran tests on their various infotainment systems to find out how distracting they can be to drivers….
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What Dangers Do Semi-Trucks Pose to Our Area?

Semi-trucks and tractor trailers pose an interesting problem for the peoples of Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming. These large vehicles, often carrying several tons of cargo, are essential to our economies, yet on the road they can be particularly dangerous to other drivers. Add in the fact that our area is full of winding, steep roads that cut through mountains, and harsh weather conditions, and you have a recipe for disaster. Here are just a few of the incidents caused by semi-trucks in our area. How Dangerous Are Accidents Involving Semi-Trucks? In Omaha, Nebraska, a truck carrying produce crashed into an apartment building. The vehicle first collided with a garage and then backed into a corner on the side of the apartment building. Then the driver drove off into the night only to be pulled over by authorities not far from the crash. Luckily, no one was hurt during this crash,…
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