7 Ways To Avoid Animals While Riding Your Motorcycle

Law Tigers Colorado Sponsors Thunder in the Rockies and Forever Family RideMost new riders don’t think about them, but after your first face-to-face with any animal standing in the middle of the road, you will quickly realize that they are just as dangerous as four-wheeled cagers. However, this lesson came too late for one Colorado motorcyclist. He hit a deer in May while riding through Kansas, and he didn’t survive the crash. To help keep these type of accidents to a minimum here at home, the motorcycling attorneys at the Metier Law Firm have some tips to help you avoid our furry friends.

Seven Ways To Avoid Animals While Riding Your Motorcycle

  1. Watch Out For The Signs—Most states post handy-dandy deer crossing signs in areas with high deer populations, so when you see one of these signs, be cautious.
  2. Watch For Signs —If you see a road side reflector blink there’s probably an animal between you and the reflector, so slow down and be ready for anything. A blank spot in a white fence, or a missing or moving reflector can also indicate a nearby animal.
  3. Make Some Noise—If you think an animal is nearby and might come into your path, don’t be afraid to honk your horn. Sometimes that can be enough to warn the animal or to startle it away.
  4. Light It Up—Use your high beams often, and if you get the opportunity get some driving lights for you bike, too. Deer have been known to get hypnotized by lights, so if one crosses your path, remember to flash your lights to snap them out of it.
  5. They Come In Herds—Remember that some wild animals, like deer, travel in herds. So when you see one, there might be more. Slow down if you see an animal that’s near the roadway, and be ready for more.
  6. It’s All About Timing—During the summer, animals like deer are usually only active at night, but in winter months, they are often active in the afternoon and the evenings. Plan your ride accordingly.
  7. Challenge Not Accepted—If an animal refuses to move out of the road, or acts aggressively toward you, turn around and go the other way and don’t try to scare it off. It could be injured or have a disease like rabies, which could get you sick… And did we mention bison are capable of throwing you and your motorcycle dozens of feet through the air?

This has been a message from the attorneys that ride at the Metier Law Firm—ride safe everybody!