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Should the AMA Snow Bike Series Have a Colorado Round?

Last February, we discovered a new form of winter motorsport, snow biking. Now, that sport has expanded, and is going national. However, Colorado is getting left in the cold as far as this new sport is concerned. What’s going on, and is there anyway our state can become a part of this new national championship? Will the AMA Snow Bike Series Come to Colorado? Snow bikes have been around for a while now. These machines replace the front tire of a bike with a ski and the rear tire with a tread. This can lead to some crazy motocross-style fun in the snow. So, it comes as no surprise that people started racing these snow bikes, and that it has become pretty popular. Last year, the X Games featured snow bikes. This year they have their own racing series, and that series has been sanctioned by the AMA. The 2018…
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Why Are Child Eye Injuries Going Up?

Have you ever watched A Christmas Story? In this classic holiday movie, a young boy wants a BB gun for Christmas, but his parents tell him no because he’ll shoot his eye out. When the boy does get a BB gun, he does almost shoot his eye out, and though this scene was played for laughs, it actually hits on a major issue for the safety of our children. A recent study has made some shocking discoveries about child eye injuries, and every parent needs to know these findings. What Parents Need to Know About Rising Rates of Child Eye Injuries As the 1983 movie A Christmas Story pointed out, non-gunpowder driven guns have a reputation for injuring eyes. Yet sales of air soft pellet guns, BB guns, and paintball guns are on the rise, and so are the rates of child eye injuries. A study published in the journal…
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Can the Moon Cause Motorcycle Crashes?

Many things have been cited as the cause of increased motorcycle accidents: weather, wild animals, distracted drivers. However, did you ever think that the moon may be one of those causes? Researchers from the University of Toronto and Princeton University were curious about this question, so they dug up records from 1975 to 2014. What they discovered may surprise you. Could Some Motorcycle Crashes Be Caused by the Moon? In a study published by The BMJ, researchers Donald Redelmeier and Eldar Shafir discovered that more motorcyclists die on nights with the full moon than without. They looked at statistics from 494 nights that had full moons and compared them to statistics from “control” nights that were both one week before and one week after the full moon (988 control nights). They found that on average 9.10 motorcyclists fatally crashed each night there was a full moon compared to 8.64 motorcyclist…
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