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Have You Ever Watched EnduroCross Racing?

Have you ever heard of a rock garden? Some might think it’s a part of a Japanese meditation ritual, but motorheads hear those words and hear the scream of two-stroke engines. That’s because the rock garden is one of the many obstacles you can find in EnduroCross racing. However, it is only one part of a grueling sport that tests riders’ mettle and thrills thousands of racing fans. What You Need to Know About EnduroCross Racing Every year, motorcycle racers come out to play in the dirt. For most that means flat track, motocross and supercross racing seasons have started, but there’s a fourth dirt racing series that many might not know about. It’s called EnduroCross, and if you think that motocross and supercross look tough, you ain’t seen nothing yet. This sport is divided into four classes: TrialsCross– These are small bikes, including trials bikes, that have wheelbases under…
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Should Autonomous Vehicles Be Designed to Crash?

If you’ve driven in Colorado long enough, then you have probably seen a road work convoy or two. These mobile work projects are what help keep Colorado roads and highways clean and maintained. However, when these workers are doing their jobs, they can be vulnerable to the traffic around them. That’s why crash trucks follow these convoys everywhere, but now new technology could turn these into autonomous vehicles. Is Colorado ready? Are Autonomous Vehicles Designed to Crash a Good Thing? Right now, there are autonomous crash vehicles on Colorado’s highways and roads. These vehicles are huge trucks covered in metal bumpers and yellow paint. They are designed to keep road workers safer, and making these vehicles autonomous may just improve that design. Up until now, the state has employed people to drive these trucks, and that has always caused a serious problem. How safe is a worker driving a vehicle…
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Colorado Has a New Riding Trail, but Are You Ready to Ride It?

Colorado is the perfect place for adventure if you are an outdoor rider. Summit county also happens to be the epicenter of a lot of that fun. There are trails all up down and around Tenderfoot Mountain, there’s even a motocross track that grew out of nowhere in the middle of a field. However, at least one of these popular trails have left riders hanging, but not anymore. There’s a New Riding Trail in Colorado, but Will You Be Ready to Ride It? For almost 15 years, a sign has told hikers, bikers, and trail riders when the Old Tenderfoot Trail has come to an end. However, a couple of weeks ago, that sign disappeared. No, it wasn’t a prank—and no, it wasn’t vandalism either—it was actually all part of the plan. You see, the Friends of Dillon Ranger District, Summit County Off-Road Riders and local Dillon Ranger District staff…
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