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What If Your Car Insurance Company Refuses to Give You Coverage?

Your car insurance is there to protect you, you purchased a decent plan, made all your payments, and shouldn’t be financially worried about getting hit on the road. Then it happens, and your insurance company says they can’t cover the damages. They say the accident was your fault or your plan doesn’t have the funds, or another reason for the denial. This can be financially devastating for many people who were in a car crash and feel like there is no other option to get this money back. However, you still have options to challenge your insurance company’s claims. When Should You Challenge an Insurance Claim Denial? Delayed claim processing: When a company keeps dragging their feet in working your case to avoid payment. Refusal to pay: If an insurance company refuses to pay you for damages that are covered in your contract, or tries to make a claim that…
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Why Are New Harleys Leaking Oil Like They’re Old Harleys?

Have you ever watched Discovery Channel’s Harley and the Davidsons? It’s a docu-drama about the creators of America’s legendary motorcycle marque. For anyone fascinated by Harley-Davidson, it’s an interesting watch, but there’s a scene in this film that has rippled through the ages. Now, a new recall harkens back to this classic Harley problem, and you need to be aware of it. New Harleys Leaking Oil Like Old Harleys In the scene mentioned above, Walter Davidson helps solve a problem with the engine of their motorcycle. Unfortunately, this fix causes the engine to leak oil, a detail that Bill Harley—the engine’s engineer—is reluctant to accept. This scene depicted a detail about Harley-Davidson motorcycles that would follow the brand for decades. Harley engines have been known by many enthusiasts to leak oil, but that hasn’t been the case for quite a few years. As Harley has become more advanced, oil leak…
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What If My Medication Is Giving Me Strange Symptoms?

Prescription medications have given people many new ways to fight diseases and make living with chronic health conditions much easier. However, some medications were rushed to market without sufficient research or testing.  Drug companies are for-profit entities who have incentives to rush products to market and advertise them heavily. They will try to deny liability for dangerous drugs that harm the very people they are supposed to treat. How Do I Know If a Defective Drug Caused Me Harm? When a people are sick, have chronic illnesses or acute injuries, they need medical treatment, which may include prescription medication. When a person suffers strange symptoms from a medication, however, it may be difficult to determine if it is the drug causing the problem, or the underlying condition itself causing problems that the mediation is trying to correct. It is not always easy to tell if strange symptoms are normal or…
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