$10 Million Verdict Upheld Against Walmart

Recently the Colorado Supreme Court upheld a verdict awarding $10 million to a truck driver who said she slipped and fell on grease and ice while making a delivery to a Greeley, Colorado Walmart.

41-year-old Holly Averyt’s accident occurred in December 2007, and her lawyer, Denver’s Gregory Gold, said Averyt had to undergo three spinal surgeries since then. He said she was unable to return to work, had the truck she lived in repossessed and incurred about $500,000 in medical bills.

Walmart had appealed the $15 million awarded by a jury last year, which was reduced to $10 million due to a state cap on non-economic damages.

Gold presented documents that told of how the store’s deli had leaked grease, missing a grease trap, into the sewer, and argued that this overflow helped create a 185-foot slick of grease into the parking lot and the truck loading ramp area. The leak accumulated for seven days before the accident occurred, according to Gold.

Gold stated that he thought the award was likely one of the highest slip-and-fall verdicts in the country.

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