Will Indian’s Return to Bonneville Be Something for the History Books?

iStock 536973999 1 1024x683 - Will Indian’s Return to Bonneville Be Something for the History Books?Have you ever watched The World’s Fastest Indian? It’s about Burt Munro, a 68-year-old motorcycle racer who takes a 1920 Indian Scout to the Bonneville Salt Flats and sets a land speed record. That movie was based on a true story, and the record Munro set still remains unbroken. This is cause for celebration by the freshly revived Indian Motorcycle Company, and you won’t believe how they are celebrating the occasion.

Mark Your History Books, Indian’s Return to Bonneville Is Special

On August 26, 1967, an Indian motorcycle ran two runs at an average speed of 183.586 miles per hour (corrected speed 184.087mph). That record has endured for 50 years and in honor of that, Indian is doing something special. On August 13, 2017, the motorcycle manufacturer will field a 2017 Indian Scout ridden by Lee Munro—the great grandnephew of the record setter Burt Munro.

According to Indian, the motorcycle has already beat three land speed records while they were testing it on the El Mirage Dry Lakebed in California. Does this mean Burt’s record will finally fall? Not likely. Engine standards have changed over the years and there are fewer examples of motorcycles that match the same class as the one Burt rode. Lee will be riding a 1,133cc engine motorcycle, Burt’s engine class was 1000cc and under.

This means that the Munro family may soon have a tradition of record setters at Bonneville Speed Week, but will this new bike be able to pull duty down the Bonneville Salt Flats? We’ll find out on August 13th, and you bet the attorneys who ride will be keeping a close eye on this footnote in motorcycling history.

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