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Who is the Colorado Captain?

What would you do if you were sitting at a stop light and Captain America pulled up next to you riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle? Most people wouldn’t believe their eyes, but here in Colorado, it kind of happens a lot. You see, we have our very own Colorado Captain who goes around sharing joy and wonder throughout the state. Now, our very own Colorado Avenger is sharing that passion for helping across the entire country. The Colorado Captain Goes Where He Is Needed Matthew Gnojek rides a Harley-Davidson and wears some of the most unique leathers in the entire state. He has a leather riding suit designed to look like the outfit worn by Chris Evans when he plays Marvel Comic’s Captain America. At first the suit was just a cool way to show his fandom for the Marvel hero, but soon Gnojek began to wonder if there was a…
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The Seven Things Every Great Motorcycling Road Must Have

You’ve heard of them all: the Pacific Coast Highway, the Three Sisters, the Tail of the Dragon, the Million Dollar Highway. These are some of the best motorcycling roads in America, but what makes them great? Could your local favorite ride compete with these legendary roads? 7 Things a Great Motorcycling Road Must Have History– Many riders will tell you one of the best parts of riding motorcycles is the stories you collect along the way. So, why wouldn’t you want to ride a road that has its own tale to tell? Route 66 has fable after fable connected to its asphalt, and that’s one of the big reasons thousands ride this historic highway every year. Traffic– You can’t experience a good road if it’s always filled with cars, trucks and other motorcycles. A clear road is a big part of being a great motorcycling road. Ambiance– Sometimes the scenery…
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AAA Study Claims Getting Enough Sleep Can Save Your Life

Are you getting enough sleep at night? If not, you may be putting yourself and others at risk while driving. A new AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety study claims drivers who miss several hours of sleep per night significantly raise their risk of being involved in a car accident. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends seven hours of sleep per night. AAA’s study used seven hours as the ideal amount of sleep needed to prevent drowsy driving. According to the data, people who receive five to six hours of sleep double the risk of a crash, while those who sleep less than four hours have 11.5 times the risk. Motorists who receive four to five hours of sleep are 4.3 times more likely to crash, the same risk as drunk drivers. AAA’s study also claims that people drive while tired despite knowing the risks. Study participants claimed drowsy driving…
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