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Did 2017 Motorcycle Safety Efforts Work?

The 2018 motorcycle season is fast approaching, which means we all need a refresher course on our riding skills and our safety measures. This is especially true considering the motorcycle safety efforts undertaken by Colorado police and traffic officials last year. But were those 2017 motorcycle safety efforts effective? Did 2017 Motorcycle Safety Efforts Pay Off? Late afternoon on January 19th, Grand Junction police received a REDDI (Report Every Drunken Driver Immediately) report. Several motorists had seen a red sedan driving erratically on Patterson Road, and they suspected the driver was drunk. Unfortunately, just before police received this alert, that red sedan crashed into a motorcyclist while turning off Patterson Road. The motorcyclist did not survive. This rider was one of the 35 people who died on Colorado roads between January 1st and February 1st. Considering that 630 people died in 2017 traffic incidents, this number isn’t a good sign….
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Can Motorcyclists Trust Autonomous Vehicles?

As the “car of the future,” autonomous vehicles have a lot of promise moving forward. Automakers claim that the vehicles will save $127 billion in damages worldwide by 2027, and by 2050 these vehicles may be able to reduce traffic fatalities by 90 percent. But are these promises too good to be true? A new lawsuit in California is shining doubt upon autonomous vehicles, and if you ride a motorcycle, it may be time to pay attention to this issue. Do Autonomous Vehicles Put Motorcyclists in Danger? In San Francisco, what is probably the first but not last lawsuit against the maker of an autonomous vehicle has been filed. In the lawsuit a motorcyclist claims that after an autonomous vehicle changed lanes, it suddenly reentered the lane and crashed into his Honda S90. The motorcyclist says he had moved into the empty space left by the driverless vehicle before it…
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Can the Moon Cause Motorcycle Crashes?

Many things have been cited as the cause of increased motorcycle accidents: weather, wild animals, distracted drivers. However, did you ever think that the moon may be one of those causes? Researchers from the University of Toronto and Princeton University were curious about this question, so they dug up records from 1975 to 2014. What they discovered may surprise you. Could Some Motorcycle Crashes Be Caused by the Moon? In a study published by The BMJ, researchers Donald Redelmeier and Eldar Shafir discovered that more motorcyclists die on nights with the full moon than without. They looked at statistics from 494 nights that had full moons and compared them to statistics from “control” nights that were both one week before and one week after the full moon (988 control nights). They found that on average 9.10 motorcyclists fatally crashed each night there was a full moon compared to 8.64 motorcyclist…
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