Have You Seen This Missing Colorado Motorcycle?

Contact the authorities if you see this stolen bikeOn September 9th, a Colorado Springs man parked his 1972 Harley-Davidson FLH at a friend’s house. The bike’s transmission was broken, so he decided to leave the bike until it could be fixed. But when the man returned, his beloved bike was gone, and his friend had no idea where it could be. That’s when the man contacted authorities and media outlets, because there was actually something very special about this missing Colorado Motorcycle.

Do You Know Where This Missing Colorado Motorcycle Is?

The missing Harley-Davidson was parked at a residence along West Vermijo Avenue when stolen. It’s estimated to be worth only $10,000, but to Tom Gallagher, it was priceless. That’s because the ashes of his late wife were in a box welded to the gas tank.

Gallagher, who met his wife 30 years ago in Montana, spent six years caring for his wife after she had a double stroke. After she passed in 2013, he sealed her ashes in a box and had it attached to a Harley-Davidson identical to the one the couple used to ride together in the early days of their marriage.

Riding with the ashes made the man feel close to his wife, but now they have been torn apart.

Gallagher’s children report that their father not only rode the bike every day, but that he planned to ride with his wife’s ashes for the rest of his life. Now, the family is asking for the thieves to simply return the motorcycle. Once again, the missing motorcycle is a 1972 Harley-Davidson FLH, license plate number 404-RKH. If you see the bike, please contact Colorado Springs police at 719-444-7000.

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