What Are Phone Companies Doing to Combat Distracted Driving?

are colorado motorcyclist deaths 300x225 - What Are Phone Companies Doing to Combat Distracted Driving?Apple just announced an innovative feature upcoming on the next software update of Apple’s iOS 11. It is a “do not disturb while driving mode,” which turns the phone off from receiving notifications. It also sends an auto-reply to the contactors letting them know the driver is behind the wheel, and will get back to them when they can. The Federal Communications Commission says that 8 people are killed every day in distracted-driving related accidents.

Ways Distracted Driving Is Being Combatted

  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: The first meetings proposing voluntary guidelines for in-car navigation companies have recently been held by this administration. Some of the rules proposed include techniques to minimize distraction like blocking notifications.
  • The Government: commits many resources to road safety programs and development. Laws around the country are cracking down on distracted driving.
  • Deactivating devices while driving: Many Bluetooth and navigation systems block their screens from being used while the vehicle is in motion. Electronics companies continue to strive for better safety options.

Advances in road safety continue to improve, but they face a changing environment due to the use of technology. As more vehicles rely on technology to operate, the more liability the companies will have over the products that are used. Many car crashes happen due to defective auto parts and software components. In the event you are in an accident, contacting a product liability attorney can help you get the coverage you deserve.


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