How Is KTM Scoring Points in MotoGP So Soon?

iStock 458126037 1024x681 - How Is KTM Scoring Points in MotoGP So Soon?MotoGP is the pinnacle of motorcycle racing. Where else can you find the latest advancements in motorcycle technology before they hit street bikes everywhere? That means that MotoGP is also a crucible where only the toughest riders and technology can make it to the top. So, what does that say about KTM’s MotoGP efforts? The rookie manufacturer already has points!

KTM Scoring Points in MotoGP, But How?

After six races, KTM—the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer—has managed to score points in half of this season’s races. This accomplishment was not in the Austrian manufacturer’s plans, and there was no reason it should have been. Getting up to speed in MotoGP often takes 2 or 3 years for large factory efforts, however, KTM is a relatively small manufacturer. So how did the marque get into racing form so quickly?

When talking to reporters, Red Bull KTM Factory Racing rider Bradley Smith explained KTM’s success. He pointed to the bike’s engine and its reliability. While other bikes were having technical difficulties and crashes, the KTM RC16 was the picture of reliability. This allowed Smith to score points at Argentina, Jerez, and Le Mans. But the season hasn’t been all cherries and roses for the Red Bull team.

Pol Espargaro, Smith’s teammate, has had a spate of bad luck. After experiencing a clutch failure in Austin, the Spanish rider found himself crashing out in Spain, and an electrical problem forced him to retire at Mugello. However, he has faith in the machine, and he scored the team’s top points at Le Mans with a 12th place finish.

What does all this mean? New technologies that help you stay safe on the road often come out of MotoGP. With more manufacturers competing at the top level, we could see an acceleration in the development of new motorcycle technologies. So, let’s hope more MotoGP teams find their wings like the Red Bull KTM team. It could make motorcycling safer.

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