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Green Beret Motorcycle Ride Honors Wounded Vets

When service members return from deployment overseas, they can grow restless upon leaving behind the discipline and constant excitement of combat zones. For that reason, veterans seeking thrills and excitement gravitate towards motorcycles. Riding is big in the military. In the Navy and Marine Corps, 10 percent of soldiers ride motorcycles, and 16 percent of Army soldiers are motorcyclists. On July 26, the Special Forces Motorcycle Club in Colorado Springs is organizing an “Eagle Down” charity ride in honor of wounded veterans, and those who lost their lives. The rally allows motorcyclists to show their support for current and retired Green Beret soldiers. The ride starts at the veteran’s memorial in Memorial Park off Union Boulevard, and ends at Red Leg Brewing Co. off Garden of The Gods Road. The route will offer a tour of the Pikes Peak region. The rally is a “poker run,” meaning that riders who…
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University of Colorado Hosts International Motorcycle Studies Conference

The fourth International Journal of Motorcycle Studies Conference was held the weekend of June 19 in Colorado Springs. The conference took place over three days at the University of Colorado. The first conference was held in Colorado Springs in 2010, and every other year the event is held abroad. Last year’s forum was held in London. The conference is based on an academic journal of the same name, which publishes twice a year about motorcycle-related news: helmet laws, accidents, innovations in technology and long distance or international travels. Even though it is an academic conference, participants promise the event is completely accessible. All motorcycle enthusiasts were welcome to discuss topics like motorcycle history, mechanics, risks and safety. One participant commented on the importance of community in motorcycling: “It’s a different experience than when you ride in a car. It instantly bonds you to other people who ride. There’s that exposure…
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What Is a Driver’s “Duty of Reasonable Care”?

Every driver on the road has a “duty of reasonable care” to other motorists, meaning that drivers have to drive responsibly to avoid causing harm or injury. A huge part of this responsibility is being aware of others on the road, especially vulnerable parties like motorcyclists, pedestrians and bicycle riders. Cars turning left are more dangerous to motorcyclists than anything else on the road. Every year, this seemingly simple traffic maneuver causes more than 40 percent of collisions between cars and motorcycles. On July 2, a motorcyclist from Texas was driving with his wife near Winter Park when he collided with a car and suffered severe head injuries. His wife, who was riding behind him at the time, said a driver went to make a U-turn right in front of her husband. The wife claims that the two were not speeding, and described her husband as an experienced, safe motorcycle…
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