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Motorcycle Mysteries: How Do I Get a Green Light?

The other day, we got an interesting comment from a blog reader. He said he had come up with a device that could help motorcyclists who get stuck at red lights, waiting for a green that never comes. Unfortunately, we can’t really endorse products here, but it did get us thinking. What solutions have people come up with to keep motorcycles from getting stuck at red lights. Motorcycle Mysteries — Getting the Green Light Most traffic signals work off of timers, but it’s becoming more common to find lights that only change after a sensor is tripped. At some intersections, these lights use a camera. At other intersections, they use what is known as an induction loop. If you ride a motorcycle, both of these types of sensor driven lights can cause problems because they often don’t detect motorcycles. However, some clever people have come up with solutions. For induction…
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Can We Reduce Distracted Driving Crashes in Colorado?

Fatal traffic accidents have increased in Colorado over the last two years. Officials with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) suspect texting and driving is a main culprit behind the increase. However, we cannot know how many crashes in Colorado are caused by distracted driving. There are other methods for determining how many Colorado motorists may be texting behind the wheel. Two weeks ago, we wrote about CDOT’s survey and how it tracked bad driving habits in Colorado. The survey discovered 22 percent of respondents had admitted to reading messages while driving. Another 15 percent claimed they had written messages. Could steeper penalties reduce the number of people texting and driving in our state? Colorado lawmakers want to use new legislation to deter this type of behavior. If Senate Bill 27 (SB 27) passes and is signed into law, the penalties for texting and driving would increase. What Would Senate…
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How Safe are Uber’s Self-Driving Cars?

One of Uber’s self-driving vehicles was just involved in an accident. Uber is now putting the brakes on its self-driving vehicle program. Will you trust one of these vehicles if they are released for public use in the near future?

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