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Motorcyclists Beware! U-Turns Are the Hidden Danger of Your Ride

Another Colorado motorcyclist is riding no more thanks to a collision with a motorist that didn’t see him. It was a Sunday afternoon when the man from Longmont fell victim to an SUV pulling a U-turn in front of him. This type of motorcycle accident is disturbingly common, so why do so many people know very little about it? Motorcyclists Beware! U-Turns Can Be Deadly The 66-year-old man was riding south through Longmont on Main Street near Tenacity Drive around 2:15pm on January 1st. That’s when a 65-year-old woman driving an SUV took a U-turn into the 66-year-old rider’s lane. The two vehicles collided, and the man was rushed to Longmont United Hospital where he later passed. This type of accident is one of the most frequent motorcyclists run across, so why don’t we hear more about U-turn collisions? Why Are U-Turns a Hidden Danger? The number one cause of…
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Tom Metier Admitted to Practice Law in Shoshone and Arapaho Tribal Court

We are happy to announce that Tom Metier is now licensed to practice law in the Shoshone and Arapaho Tribal Court. Located in Wind River Indian Reservation, Wyoming, the Shoshone and Arapaho Tribal Courts are general civil and criminal courts at the trial and appellate levels. According to the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Wind River Reservation is home to over 3,900 Eastern Shoshone and 8,600 Northern Arapahoe. It is the seventh largest Indian reservation in the United States. Wind River Reservation encompasses more than 2.2 million acres of land, and is located along the scenic continental divide. It is also home to Wyoming’s only casinos. Tom’s licenses, awards and expertise are already plentiful and diverse. He can practice in the U.S. District Court-District of Wyoming, the U.S. District Court-District of Colorado, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court. Who Is Motorcycle Accident Attorney Tom…
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The Key to a Great SuperBowl Party

So, it’s game time and you’re ready to watch the greatest gridiron battle of the year. Go Team! But just turning the game on isn’t what makes a great SuperBowl party. No, you’ve got to have good eats if you want your party to rock, and here’s a recipe to help…

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